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Weimar Porzellan is one of the oldest porcelain brands in Germany. With its rich heritage of over 200 years, high quality handcrafted products and timeless designs, Weimar is a worldwide known porcelain brand. 

Karaca is the leading homeware company in Turkey. With its Karaca, Jumbo, Emsan, Cook Plus and Karaca Home brands, Karaca offers tableware, cutlery, cookware, kitchen appliances and home textiles to consumers. With its 209 stores in Turkey and 33 stores in 12 different countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Poland etc, Karaca reaches consumers over its 242 mono-brand stores, 600 dealerships and a total of 2,500 sales points. Karaca has 2,250 employees and targets net sales of US$350 million in 2020

Karaca acquired 100% of Weimar.

acquired 10% of

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Mars is the leading international logistics company in Turkey. Mars is involved in international road freight, rail freight, intermodal freight, warehousing, value added logistics services, and air & sea freight. It has a fleet of 530 vehicles and 1,800 trailers as of 2020. Mars provides its services from its offices in 14 locations throughout Turkey and 5 international locations (Spain, Italy and Luxembourg). Mars has approximately 8,000 customers among its key customers are Inditex, Renault, Ford, Tofaş, Sumitomo, LCW, Doğuş, CMS, and Nissan.

Hitachi Transport System (“HTS”) is the fourth largest subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., one of the largest conglomerates in the world, in terms of turnover, and is one of the leading logistics companies in Japan. HTS carries out its activities with its 84 subsidiaries and 20 affiliated companies, 325 offices located in Japan and 415 offices located in the rest of the world. HTS's turnover is US$6.2 billion and its current market value stands at US$2.5 billion.

HTS acquired 10% of Mars to increase its shareholding to 90%.

acquired 70% of

€57.8 million

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Sesa is the leading flexible packaging producer in Turkey with a focus on multilayer high barrier products.

Doğan is a leading Turkish conglomerate engaged in energy, fuel, industry, financial services, internet, and entertainment and media businesses in Turkey.  Doğan’s consolidated revenues was US$1.5 billion in 2019.

Doğan acquired 70% of Sesa for €57.8 million.